Yahve-Jire Children's Home, Haiti

We help support a small orphanage in Crois des Bouquet, Haiti - the Yahve-Jire Children’s Foundation. Yahve-Jire houses and educates children who have been either forsaken by their families, orphaned, or whose families are unable to care for them. Yahve-Jire's founder and director, Chedlin Justinval, has visited Discovery Church on a number of occasions, the church has given aid to the children, and members of the church have traveled to Haiti to serve in the children's home. Visit their site to learn more about Yahve-Jire. 

Training Materials for Pastors in Turkey

Among Turkey's 73 million citizens, approximately 7,000 are evangelical Christians – many of whom are located in small cities and hard-to-reach villages around the country. The church in Turkey is growing rapidly and much of the growth consists of isolated believers or small groups of believers that do not have much access to resources for growth in their faith. Thankfully, a group of pastors and church leaders have dedicated themselves to creating a comprehensive theological training system. They call it Hasat Church Ministries (“Hasat” means harvest in Turkish). Since Christian seminaries are illegal to build in Turkey, Hasat offers the finest theological training in the country. Most of Turkey's church leaders, pastors, elders and overseers have completed all of their training through Hasat's seminars. Discovery Church helped fund the effort to put this wonderful training online for pastors and leaders to access from all over the country.