Children’s Ministry Coordinator


Description of Children’s Ministry Coordinator Position

The Children’s Ministry Coordinator will implement a Christian education program for children birth through 5th grade (and middle school on Sunday mornings); develop learning opportunities that are creative, exciting, innovative and relevant to the children and families; and ensure a safe, positive, nurturing, and age-appropriate learning environment for every child.  Reports to:  session/personnel committee.  Areas of responsibility include:

  • Sunday Morning Programs

    • Recruit and manage leaders and volunteers for all Sunday morning children’s programming (nursery, Faith Friends, Discovery Kids, and Club D

    • Maintain the online database of volunteer contact information, leader schedules, and weekly reminders. 

    • Ensure that nursery and all classes are adequately covered by volunteers and that all leaders have the necessary materials and resources to successfully serve and teach, assisting as needed.

    • Ensure the safety and cleanliness of all classrooms and children’s spaces.

    • Assist with the maintenance and scheduling of church facilities for children’s ministry.

    • Select, purchase, and plan curricula, teaching resources, and materials for all children’s classes.  (Note: Session must give final approval for curricula)

    • Facilitate the safety process for the recruitment of leaders and volunteers.

    • Work with Treasurer and Session to prepare an annual budget for children’s ministry.

    • Manage the disbursement of budgeted funds for children’s ministry within the guidelines of the approved budget. 

    • Provide for the distribution, collection, and safe-keeping  of administrative records such as consent forms, volunteer information forms, background check, etc.

  • Special Events

    • Coordinate the Impromptu Christmas Pageant, Palm Sunday, Flowering of the Cross, and other special worship service events involving children. Recruit volunteer teams and oversee the planning, organization, logistics, parent communications, consulting with Pastor and other church staff as needed to ensure a well-organized event.

    • Coordinate and provide planning and logistical support for Vacation Bible School

  • Essential Skills

    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

    • Strong organizational skills

    • Ability to work productively and communicate effectively with diverse personalities

    • Understanding of and respect for discretion and strict confidentiality

The Children’s Ministry Coordinator is a vital contributor to the life of the congregation and community, and as such, the person in this role must possess a caring, welcoming, and positive attitude.  This individual must possess a living faith and growing relationship with Jesus Christ with strong spiritual disciplines and bring a spirit of Christian love and teamwork to all interactions with children, parents, volunteers and church staff. 

Details of Compensation

Children’s Ministry Coordinator position is a part-time, exempt, 12-month position. A salary of $5000 per year, which includes 4 paid weeks off.  Additional weeks off can be taken with a pay deduction of $85/week.