Studying God's Word

God gives us the treasure of his Scripture that we might come to know him better. Spending time in the Word is akin to spending time with the Lord himself - our knowledge grows, our relationship deepens, we progress in our walk. Each year, Discovery offers a number of studies to engage and teach God's Word. Sometimes it's a topical study, sometimes it might be an analysis of a particular chapter in the Bible, but the goal of each is to help us grow in our understanding of God as we seek to live as Christ-followers in a broken world and serve others to bring God glory.  

Discipleship Program

Discipleship is transforming our hearts and lives, putting Christ at the center of all we do. We offer a discipleship intensive for those looking to go deeper in their understanding of Scripture and embrace the core principles and practices of the Christian life. Each week for one year, we study the word, pray, and share life together. Please contact a Discovery Staff member to learn more or sign up. 

Women's Bible Studies

Each quarter, Discovery Women embark on a new study to explore God's Word and truth and discovery how we can live a life that brings glory to our Creator. Trhough our time in study, we grow in our understanding of the Lord and enjoy the blessing of Christian fellowship.